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Kawan 5 Plain Paratha Indian Flat Bread 400g


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New & improved, Trans fat free, No artificial preservatives, Suitable for vegetarians, Halal – Malaysia Plain Paratha Indian Flat Bread

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Nothing beats a Kawan Paratha
The Paratha has a flaky, layered texture and a wonderful aroma guaranteed to whet any appetite. So popular that other cultures have adopted it as their own, this versatile flatbread is consumed during every meal. It can be eaten traditionally with curries or even with toppings such as jams or chocolate. Plain Paratha Indian Flat Bread


47% Wheat Flour, Water, Margarine (Palm Oil Based), Sugar, Salt, Baking Powder (E500)


Wheat, Nuts, Soya


Keep frozen at -0.4ºF / -18ºC
Please see seal for expiry date


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